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lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Subliminal Disney

Subliminal Disney

Disney has been historically the leader factory of family and child animation and entertainment. Since their first animated movie, Snow white, made in 1937, Disney has been the standard of the etical values of generations, values like friendship, kindness, true love, fight against evil, justice... However, something is getting wrong at the "Great Dreams Factory": Some Disney cartoonists frequently uses subliminal images with explicit sexual content in their movies.

Subliminal messages are pictures or words which aren't recognized by the conscious mind, but instead recorded in the subconscious. This messages can be used for self improvement, buth have been used, and were actually developed as a marketing ploy.

Despite of the big debates and the different points of view, there are still not any point of view of the real effectiveness of it. However, it's notorious that a lot of publicitary messages uses this tecniques as a method to rise their sales. The Gilbey's ginger hides the word "Sex" in the ice accompanying the drink; The "Camel" mascot has genital forms in its face; an old one: if we put two cans of "Pepsi" we'll find again the word "sex" spelled in by the red and blue neon lights.

The use of this subliminal stimulation it's not exclusively of the publicity, there are in the movies and tv. "THE EXORCIST" contents buzzings of swarms of bees, pig grunts and lion roars in its soundtrack, at the same time, in tenths of a second, we can see a death mask in some frames of the movie. Hitchcock used the same sistem in the las scene of "PSICOSIS": in the face of Norman it pops in the skull of his mother.


Now... Lets see what Disney is doing subliminally...

The myths  around subliminal images in children stories seem to confirm. Many films of the Disney franchise have very overtoned sexual flights  that go unnoticed by the unexpert eye of the spectators.

"The head", a very popular character from the "Art Attack" show.
 Look closer and read the word in his forehead.

There's an old rumor going in the internet about that Disney is spreading subliminal messages in their movies dedicated to the kids. Despite of this theme is being minimized always, there are details that shows that something is true. 

Now, lets see the "Subliminal Disney Gallery" and make your own opinion:

1.- In the film "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" (Directected by Robert Zemeckis in 1988) there's a very quick scene in which "Jessica" falls down spreading her legs, showing her crotch without any underwear on:

2.- In "The rescuers", two mices go on full speed in a little car, and behind of them, in a few frames of the movie, we can se a topless woman hanging out.

3.- In "The lion King" we can see a group of stars moving around  to form the word "sex" in the sky. About this "detail" the cartoonist explained that what those letters really mean are "SFX" (Sound FX), a new kind of sound quality and it all has been a misundersanding with the letters... But, judge youself.

Lets keep in "The Lion King", which it seems to be the most subliminal picture, starting with the poster:
The message is more than obvios, don't you think?
Here we can see an image of two lions... look the silhouette og the big one
Does it remind you "something"?
4.- By those who seemed it, this is the most overtoned message... In "the little mermaid" poster: we can see all the characters around what it looks it's a palace, looking closer to one of the columns we can see a penis, right in the center of the poster:

Again, in "hte little mermaid", we can see a scene of a wedding. In that scene the priest of the wedding goes a little "overexited".

5.- In the "Tangled" poster we can read the "sex" word written with the hair of the princess

The Disney pictures includes subliminal audio messages too: In the original version of "Aladdin" we can hear a superimposed voice, a male voice inviting the "teenagers to take off their clothes". There are someones doubting of this one saying that it might be a coincidence or confusion of superimposed voices of the characters, but, lets remember that there where no other male characters in the scene. Judge yourself:

The Spanish Parthnership of protection and defense of the childs in front of the television has filed numerous lawsuits against Disney, wich has always claimed that the messages have'n been included delibaretely, although this is hard to belive once seen the sexually explicit messeges. However, the advertising given to Disney for this theme is big, being this messages objects of debate and laughs of children, creating new urban legends about Disney's subliminal messages wich actually never existed. 

Fun or marketing strategy?

Thaks for waching and please comment!!

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